Ignoring, the fact that you're naive
The water's dirty, cloudy as hell
How can you even see
When you're living a lie
You're so naive, it's insanity
Nothing here is, sanitary
Swimming in a bowl of dairy
To Naive to care, even to notice
Knots in your hair, still not fair
Ignoring me, in a corner, on a chair
You're so naive, did you know you smell?
Others, all around, even I, can tell
Ignoring, the fact that you're naive
It's almost,t to hard, to believe
Burring yourself, alive, in debt
Ignoring, trying, to forget
Ignoring all your regrets
So naive, not knowing, you're in a net
Ignoring all things bad or sad, No.
Just to naive, to even notice.

Song Title: Naive
Song Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Written: 03-17-2015