Everything You Do
Seeing everything, you do
Hearing everything, you say-
Why don't you fear me?

Oh, Hell!
Can you hear me?

I'm a speechless witness
It's none of my business
So would you please
Turn off, the light at night
I fight, I'm strong, Never wrong
I'd rather not hear, nor see
All the things around me, that be

I'm an un-protected witness
Your business makes me restless
Can't you see, I'm in jeopardy?

I'd close my eyes, if I had lids.
Seeing everything, you do
Makes me as blue, as a dead fool
I'm not your security dog
So at least let the fog, run high

Every time, everything you do
Just everything you do, I see you~

Song Title: Everything You Do
Song Written By: MCtheGirL
Date Song Written: 04/02/2015